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It’s been an interesting summer here at the Punch House, very interesting indeed! There is much to tell you so pay attention; perhaps you might want to go and get cup of tea or coffee and maybe a biscuit before you settle down to read this, we don’t mind waiting… All done? Good! Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.

Allan and the PHB

A gig that sadly never happened


In an extraordinary and wholly gratifying turn of events, the greasy finger-marks of The Punch House Band are all over three nominations in the People’s Choice section of the Norfolk Arts awards. It’s not exactly complicated but it needs a little explanation, being tied up with our activities over the last year, so we’ll explain it category by category.


Some of you may know that PHB guitar punisher and backing shouter Tim Lane has worked for the Stuff of Dreams Theatre Company for the last few years. 


Leighton Williams as Oberon

Mostly as a sound designer, composer, writer and musician but also from time to time as an actor. Many songs originally written for the company’s productions have found their way into our set, “A Bit of the White Stuff”, “Bricks of Burston” and “Back to the Dirt” to name three. This summer saw both Tim and Leighton appearing in SoD’s outdoor touring production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” as Bottom and Oberon respectively. The show, featuring songs co-written by Tim Lane and Russell J Turner, was very successful and well-received, (you can read a review here), and may well be going out again next summer. One of the songs has already made it into the PHB set.

This was followed in August by the world premier of the musical play “An Honest Gentleman” co-written by Tim and featuring more of his songs. It tells the story of Thomas Easter, an actual Norfolk highwayman from the early eighteenth century. Stuff of Dreams did a one-night-only showcase performance at the excellent North Lodge Park in Cromer and, once Cordelia (company director and co-writer) and Tim have tinkered with the script a bit, this will also be touring next year.


Hayley Evernett as Puck and Tim Lane as Bottom

Stuff of Dreams have been nominated in the Small Arts Organisation category and, quite apart from our connections with them, we reckon they’re one of the best small professional companies in the region (well we would wouldn’t we?) and strongly advise you to follow this link and cast your vote for them before September 17th, and remember, a vote for SoD is (kind of) a vote for the PHB.


Crude Apache! We’ve mentioned before that the world has the Crude Apache Theatre Company to thank for the existence of the The Punch House Band, and we conti

at the turning of the tide

At the Turning of the Tide

nue to be deeply involved with this most excellent organisation. This summer saw the company touring “At the Turning of the Tide”, an outdoor show which told the story of the decline of the wherries in Norfolk over the latter half of the nineteenth century. The tale was brought to life through the experiences of one of the many families who who worked the broads in these magnificent vessels and was written by Punch House Pal Panda Monium, Jo Edye (more news about this fine gentleman below) and our own Tim Lane. Once again it featured a number of songs and the music for the show was provided by the good old PHB. We even did a short warm-up set at the beginning of each performance. Needless to say it went down very well at the many venues we visited and you can read a review here. The plan is to develop the script into a full length play to be performed next year.

So anyway, Crude Apache have been nominated in the Large Arts Organisation category, and deservedly so. We don’t think you can go far wrong if you follow this link a vote for them in this year’s awards, not least because the Punch House Band are practically the company’s house band.


Finally, the Punch House Band’s very own six-string mauler Tim Lane has been


Tim Lane at The Norwich beer Festival 2017

nominated in the individual category. He’s been tolerably busy with theatre and music stuff over the last twelve months or so: As well as everything outlined above it was only this time last year you that he was touring the cold war spy thriller play “Anglian Mist” with Stuff of Dreams. A play which he co-wrote, provided with sound design and “secretly” appeared in. The there was his turn as Mrs Slighcarp in the Wolves of Willoughby Chase at the Maddermarket, the ceilidhs with Happy Feet and the ongoing adventures of The Punch House Band.

He has no idea who nominated him but says he’s very grateful to them and we urge you to follow this link and add your vote. You want to go and check out his website as well.



The Punch House Band will be making their third consecutive appearance at this entirely excellent event. The Festival runs from Monday 22nd October to Saturday 27th and we will be providing the musical entertainment on Wednesday 24th in the 6 p.m. slot. We’re planning to bring a lot of new material, including songs from “At the Turning of the Tide” so come and join us.


joedye-smallWe have engaged the services of a manager! Crude Apache Founder member, Owner of Norwich Screen Art and all-round top geezer Jo Edye has been persuaded to take on the job of getting the Punch House Band “out there” playing gigs. He’s very good at that sort of thing and we’re looking forward to a busy few months.

Look out for news of up-coming gigs, awards results and anything else we think you might like by checking our Facebook page and all the other social media.

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